Introducing the Network… Katharine Sarah Moody

12 04 2013

[This is the third in a series of posts in which those closely involved with the new network introduce themselves]

Katharine Sarah Moody

Katharine Sarah Moody

Working with Dan and Chris as a Research Associate for the Philosophy and Religious Practices (PRP) network, I’ve been affiliated with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool since January 2013. As the RA, my role is to take the lead on the network’s mini-project, a small-scale study of the ways religious practitioners engage with philosophical texts.

My background is in Religious Studies but I’m increasingly working at the intersection of continental philosophy, radical theology and religious practices.

My doctoral studies at Lancaster University focused on the ‘emerging church’ – a new religious movement that explores Christian belief and faith in contemporary culture. The ‘emerging church conversation’ is diverse, but it often has a particular interest in how the so-called ‘postmodern turn’ in philosophy and theology might influence individual and communal life, and the cultural and philosophical contexts of ‘emerging Christianity’ are especially shaping the ways in which religious truth is being conceived in this conversation. This meant that I could take the philosophical notion of truth as a site from which to examine the generative relationships between postmodern or ‘post-secular’ philosophical theologies and material, lived, or everyday religious discourse and practice.

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