Below you will find information on the organisers of the network.


Principal Investigator

Daniel Whistler, University of Liverpool, daniel.whistler[at]

Daniel Whistler is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. He has published widely in continental philosophy of religion. Staff pagePublications and Translations



Christopher Baker, University of Chester

Christopher Baker is Senior Lecturer in Public and Urban Theology at the University of Chester. He is Director of the Centre of Faiths and Public Policy as well as of the William Temple Foundation. Staff page


Liverpool Hope University Events Co-ordinator

Patrice Haynes, Liverpool Hope University

Patrice Haynes is Lecturer in Philosophy at Liverpool Hope University and has recently completed the book Transcendence Matters: Rethinking Transcendence and Materialism in Deleuze, Irigaray and Adorno. She is also co-director of the UK Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion. Staff page


Research Associate

Katharine Sarah Moody, University of Liverpool, k.s.moody[at]

Katharine Sarah Moody is a Research Associate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, working on the Philosophy and Religious Practices Network. She has published widely on the intersection of philosophy of religion and religious studies. Home page


Steering Committee

Abdul-Bashid Shaikh University of Leeds

Anna Strhan, University of Kent

Beverley Clack, Oxford Brookes University

Daniel Hill, University of Liverpool

James Harding, University of Liverpool

Johan Siebers, UCLAN

John Reader, Ironstone Benefice

Leon Moosavi, University of Liverpool

Steven Shakespeare, Liverpool Hope University

Wendy Dossett, University of Chester


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