Upcoming Workshop on Peace, Peacebuilding and Social Flourishing

12 09 2013

Next Wednesday (Sep 18 2013), we’re running our third and final workshop in the Philosophy and Religious Practices network, “Peace and Peacebuilding: Religious and Philosophical Perspectives on Social Flourishing”, being hosted by Liverpool Hope University, ahead of the final international conference in April 2014.

Here’s a synopsis of this workshop, from organiser Patrice Haynes:

This one-day workshop is the third in a series for the Philosophy and Religious Practices research network, funded by the AHRC (as part of their Connected Communities programme).  The Network aims to reconnect philosophers of religion with religious practitioners and so to make the work of philosophers of religion more relevant to other contemporary research on religion.
This workshop will explore the concept of peace, particularly as this informs (and may be transformed by) concrete efforts of peacebuilding – locally, nationally and internationally – in culturally diverse communities.  A central aim of this workshop is to encourage discussion, between religious practitioners, community based organisations and theorists, on how peacebuilding can be approached in multicultural and multifaith settings, given the aspiration of individual and social flourishing.
In break-out discussion sessions and a panel discussion, we will be asking the following questions:
  1. How do you define peace?  Is it the opposite of conflict?  Must peacebuilding always aim for reconciliation?
  2. Must a faith group suspend its specific religious and/ or cultural identity in order to work for peace with other groups?  What might the problems be with this approach?  If not, what does that identity contribute to the way peace is understood and the effort of peacebuilding?
  3. What do we mean by ‘youth’ and why should they be a focus in peacebuilding efforts?  What is the role of education in peacebuilding? How might we negotiate the relationship between progress and tradition in light of cross-generational relationships and the aspiration for peace in multicultural/ multi-faith societies?
Keynote speakers will be Rev. Dr. Barbara Glasson (Touchstone, Bradford) and Prof. Jeff Haynes (London Metropolitan University), Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Conflict and Cooperation.


Running from 10am until 4.15pm, this workshop will be located in the Conference Centre at Hope Park Campus. To register visit this website: http://store.hope.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=2&catid=30&prodid=50



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